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The Association is set up under the Laws of Ghana as an NGO and is an Educational Honor Society poised to wholly promote amongst Ghanaian debate and literary arts in order to create the platform for ‘‘consolidating the voice of the youth through intellectual freedom’’ and a proud member of West African Debate Board  The organization is based in Accra Ghana and its mission is to creates and supports an extended community of established schools, institutions or individuals by providing literary arts education as well as nurture, cultivate and grow the community of debate practitioners, including students, coaches, judges, teachers, and organizations to foster a healthy climate for student debate in Ghana.
Mentorship Conferences (started in 2010), a yearly programme that brings youth and high achievers together, have so far attracted over 1,000 youth. The 2011 event is scheduled for October, and it is expected to attract over 1,000 young people from the high schools and general walks of life.
Internship/Volunteerism is an integral programme incorporated into our leadership models. This is gear to attract students and deploy them into volunteerism while they grant education to high schools and Middle schools affiliated to the Association as in the year we grant 39 weeks of volunteerism to public, private and chartered schools. This concept is also to attract exchange programme from international organizations with the Association to grant transfer of knowledge to young people.
Collaborative project: the Association is currently under partnership with United Force for Development an NGO based in Northern Ghana steer the affairs of youth development in the youth and UN Foundation on the Global Initiative in Ghana and International Debate Education Association. The Association renders materials to the NGO to assist with debate and public speaking in the area in order to fine tune schools for the Ghana Junior Forensic League.And currently seeking for partnership for the inaugural edition of the Ghana University Debating Championship project in Ghana to precede the Ghana University Debating Championships
The National Union of Ghana Student is a national body the Association signed partnership with to grant debate, public speaking, leadership and mentorship and advocacy to all universities in the country. Subsequently, this has helped the Association to begin creating debate and literary societies on the various campuses. It is also to integrate them into the inaugural edition of the Ghana Universities Debating Championships 2012 under the British Parliamentary Format so student from the country can begin representing the country at the Pan African Universities Debating Championship and the World Universities Debating Championships. The project muted for this is the Ghana University Debating Championship project 2011 since there is more to be done with education done a mere competition. I would send you details of this project.
Ghana Junior Forensic League Project
The Ghana Junior Forensic League 2011 project has identified 1000 students from its pilot phase in the Gt. Accra region and have inaugurated debate/ literary societies in 16 basic school ie. Private and Public schools with much endorsement from Ghana Education Service and now runs on a national level with representative identified in zones. This is aimed at graduating the middle schools into a national event Ghana Junior Forensic League which we working hard to come on television by the fall of September 2011. Our well tailored debate education workshops/seminars have benefited coaches, educators and teachers of the various schools of whom are affiliated to the Association. This would steadily annex the Eastern corridors of the country by the fall of the year.
Ghana University Debating Championships/Affiliation

preceding this event is the Ghana University Debating Project to grant nationwide training to universities on the British Parliamentary format to be used and the argumentation literacy amongst others. The Ghana University Debating Championships is an annual advance debate competition organised by the Association and involves debate, public speaking and interpretation of critical issues for tertiary institutions. This affords students to acquire considerable strides in research competence, argumentation literacy, reading comprehension, evidence evaluation, public speaking and civility skills, abstract thinking, cross examination/questioning, and distinguishing facts from opinions. It would come off in November and serves as the right to join the West African Debating Champs; Pan African Debating Champs & Worlds. the Association would out fare this project to precede the Ghana University Debating Championships, the only and first university championships to take place in Ghana.
. The Association has worked with student groups in the past and is still committed to that as much our our activities involves direct lineage with the schools and student groups of which the Association forms some on campuses.
The model considered carefully by the Association to grant our students includes: middle schools debate format, karl popper, British Parliamentary Debate format, and Model UN.
furthermore, the Association will be more than willing to partner in any youth development related project or collaboration with World Debate Institute and or look at being a local representative for the Institute in Ghana. We also look at areas of youth exchange for volunteerism in the various schools for youth education as per our tailored programmes.
We pray you join us to help build Ghana, and to help our students us we prepare them to make a maiden appearance at Worlds

 Senior High Schools to be short-listed for the Karl Popper Championships 2010 season.

Accra Metropolis District

  • Osu Presbyterian Secondary School, Osu
  • Presbyterian Boys' Secondary, Legon
  • Saint Mary's Secondary, Korle Gonno
  • St.magaret mary senior high school [dansoman]
  • St.margaret mary senior high school [Dansoman]
  • Wesley Grammar, Dansoman


Tema Municipal District

Ga East District
















Benefits of Sponsoring the upcoming  Event


Sponsorship is about buying the right to associate your organisation with an event, in order to make sales, connect with a target audience, or heighten your organisation’s image. It is about gaining access to people who may want to do business with your organisation.

In return for your investment in the Debate Ghana Project 2010, your organisation will have excellent opportunities to:

 >Showcase your organisation in a new and innovative way since the project has a duration of 13 (sixteen weeks) and debate tournaments will run concurrently (taking place at two venues at the same time).

>To emphasize your company’s commitment to developing education in Ghana.

>Position your organisation as a ‘thinking’ organisation and a strategic contributor to the Karl Popper Debate Championships.

>Associate your company with a developing Karl Popper Debate Championships that promotes effective and clear communications for students.

>Network to promote your product or service.
>Sponsors page on team website with description of business and link to their site 
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